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The Sagebrush Company is currently manufacturing metal fly traps for use in agriculture, food processing, livestock operations, waste management, horse ranches, recreation, and home.

All traps currently manufactured by the Sagebrush Company are of the cone style type or modifications of this basic design. The operation of these traps is a two step process. First, the flies enter the trap in an effort to access an odorous bait. Then the flies travel towards the light through a hole in a cone into a containment within the top of the trap. The flies then die of dehydration. Yellow Jackets (meat bees not paper wasps) are also easy to catch with these traps. Bait and bait containers are not included with the traps.


Five designs are available as of 2009. Click to see the visual:

All Five Fly Traps Together

Model S2 (Standing Trap #2)

Model S3 (Standing Trap #3)

Model S5 (Standing Trap #5)

Model E2 (Exclusion Trap #2)

Model H1 (Hanging Trap #1)

Model S2 is a 10" high x 10" diameter all metal cone style fly trap. Materials of construction include aluminum screen, zinc plated steel, and a stainless steel hose clamp that attaches the top (Models S3, S5, E2, and H1 are constructed from similar materials and operate in a similar fashion). Model S2 is designed to fit over a common pie tin. The trap should be placed over a bait in a location with a light source above the trap, preferably open sky. Most baits work best when moist. For this reason baits can be placed in a small dish or pie tin and water added. Model S2 is recommended for catching ground hovering flies or where more sophisticated fly trap designs are not necessary. When catching ground hovering flies around livestock (in barns for example) a wood framed open top box can be constructed to protect the trap from damage.

Model S3 is a 10" high x 12 3/4" diameter all metal cone style fly trap designed to fit over a 12" diameter (five gallon) bucket. Model S3 works well around horses in hot dry climates when 6oz of Farnam brand fly attractant is mixed with about five gallons of water in a bucket. Still attractive but filled up disposable fly traps can also be placed in a bucket and used to catch more flies. Model S3 is also successful where five gallon buckets are used for handling wastes such in zoos, farms, and waste processing operations.

Model S5 is a 16" high x 24" diameter reinforced all metal cone style fly trap designed to fit over 55 gallon plastic drums. Model S5 was originally created for use in dairies but has turned out to be the ideal household fly trap where there is a compost pile available as a bait source.

Model E2 is a 13" high x 13" diameter all metal modified cone style fly trap designed to fit over a 12" diameter bucket and prevent flies from breeding in the bait and creating maggots. Model E2 includes an Exclusion Screen that forms a cover for the bucket to keep the flies out of the bait. Even though the flies cannot access the bait Model E2 still catches the flies. Model E2 can also be placed on the ground over a bait and loose soil can be piled up around the edge of the trap to seal the flies out. Model E2 is recommended when baiting with fish scraps, dog manure, or wherever maggots in the bait are an issue. Even commercial baits can result in the production of maggots so Model E2 may also be the best trap for some horse ranches where the presence of maggots in the bait is disturbing to the recreational experience of some horseback riders.

Model H1 is a 10" high x 7" wide hanging all metal cone style fly trap. Model H1 includes a wire handle for hanging and a clip on bottom for containing the bait. The bait can be placed in a small cat food or tuna fish can (not included). Hanging the trap minimizes tampering with the trap by pets and wildlife when baiting with meat baits such as chicken bones, or cat food. Model H1 is recommended for catching yellow jackets or wherever a small metal fly trap is desired.


In mountainous regions good results catching flies have been observed baiting with salami peals, spoiled shrimp, and canned mackerel. Sometimes in very dry areas flies can be captured with a wet rag used for bait. Yellow jackets (sometimes called meat bees) are an easy catch when baiting with meat scraps, chicken bones, or cat food. Catching flies in the presence of horses or livestock usually requires using commercial baits. Farnam Brand Fly Attractant works well around horses. Commercial baits may need to be replaced every six weeks or so depending on the climate. Baits work best when moist and because five gallons of water mixed with a bait concentrate can produce a large vapor plume Model S3 works quite well in hot dry climates. A breezy location also helps draw vapors through the Exclusion Screen of Model E2.


Sun or open sky are the best light sources but fly traps can be placed below a window or lamp when used in barns. Catching some flies may require placing the trap on the ground. If livestock are present an open topped box can be constructed to prevent the trap from being trampled on. Flies are also sensitive to temperature. For example, in extreme hot weather fly traps have been observed to work best on the East side of a horse barn where it is sunny in the morning and shady in the afternoon. Traps on the West side of the same barn were much less effective because it was too cold in the morning and too hot in the afternoon.


Large commercial feed lots, waste management operations, and horse ranches should start fly control early in the season before fly populations get out of control. Parasitic wasps for fly control are available from insectaries such as Rincon-Vitova Insectaries (


Model S2 and H1 ship most economically in boxes of four. Model S3 and E2 ship most economically in bundles of two. Shipping is by United Parcel Service (UPS), United States Postal Service (USPS) Parcel Post and sometimes Priority Mail. Shipping charges are an estimated average for the lower 48 states. Currently (April 2009), USPS rates are significantly less than UPS. However, rates and material costs change more frequently than we up date the website. So, if costs increase significantly we will contact you, most likely returning your order, and provide you with up to date prices and shipping charges. If you are considering large orders please feel free to contact us for a quote.

Please make payment by check or money order. Please allow time for checks to clear. This can require an extra ten days after the check is deposited. You can print a copy of the order form and send it with your payment to our Post Office Box.

No credit card payments can be made at this site. However, credit card purchases can be made at (search for metal fly traps),, or Rincon-Vitova Insectaries.

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